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Clubhouse services are structured, community-based group services provided in a group rehabilitation service setting. These services include a range of social, educational, pre-vocational and transitional employment rehabilitation training in a group rehabilitation service setting utilizing behavioral, cognitive, or supportive interventions to improve a recipient’s potential for establishing and maintaining social relationships and obtaining occupational or educational achievements.


A clubhouse group service is designed to strengthen and improve the recipient’s interpersonal skills, and provide psycho-social therapy toward rehabilitation that emphasizes a holistic approach focusing on the recipient’s strengths and abilities to promote recovery from mental illness. This service is primarily rehabilitative in nature, using a wellness model that offers a setting to restore independent living skills. These services are designed to assist the recipient in eliminating the functional, interpersonal, and environmental barriers created by their disabilities and to restore social skills for independent living and effective life management. The service may also be used to facilitate cognitive and socialization skills necessary for functioning in a work environment focusing on maximum recovery and independence.

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